Head Golf Pro Sean Klotz

Who says golf lessons make you worse?  I am here to tell you that statement is a total fallacy  Good golf is like everything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it.. Read on to dispel the #1 fallacy in golf, "YOU MUST KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN"

Sean Klotz


 How to Hit the Ball with Your Head Up!!


            It is a widely held belief in golf that you must keep your head down to consistently hit the golf ball.  I say PHOOEY!  Now before I get my PGA card taken away from me let me explain my thoughts. 

            Yes, yes you do have to keep your head down to have a better chance of effectively hitting the golf ball.  BUT, the act of lifting the head is not the cause of the problem.  Let’s assume a few things.  Assume that you are a right handed golfer.  Assume that you are a right handed person.  With these two assumptions, I am going to assume that you will try to swing the club from the top of the downswing with your right hand and help the ball up in the air.  Reread that last sentence because this may be the key to many of your ills in golf.

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